Netflix Feature Request: Movie Libraries

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 23:54
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The Netflix video streaming feature has become a key method in the way my family and I consume multimedia content. Our Xbox Live Gold membership is primarily used to play Netflix on my Xbox 360. Recent media device purchases have been influenced by whether if the device has embedded Netflix support.

A key feature of Netflix video streaming is the familiar look and feel across various devices. Additionally, videos can be started on one device, stopped and concluded on another device. There is one feature Netflix video streaming lacks: the ability to organize streamable content into user specified categories… video libraries.This idea is not new. Think back to the day before video streaming was available. It was the era of the VHS tape.  Betamax was being fazed out and Laserdisc was a novelty item that would pave the way to DVDs.

No matter the media type, the personal video library was commonplace by the late-1980s. A shelf on the bookcase, or dedicated furniture, housed and organized various movies, TV shows, events, etc.. Enthusiasts used Excel Spreadsheets to make sense of it all. This paved the way toward specialized software (like Ant Move Catalog) to manage the awesome media expanses that exist today. But where is this functionality in one of the most popular video streaming services?

Netflix is not adverse to lists. Across all devices, Netflix provides a number of lists that cannot be modified by the customer. These lists are mostly recommendations broken down by various categories or based on recently viewed movies.

The only list the customer can edit is the Instant Queue. That’s one list that must be shared by an entire family. The Instant Queue quickly becomes the only way to keep track of new interests as well as manage favorite classics viewed on a regular basis.

Netflix needs to focus on enhancements to its site to help bolster support for steaming video online. Streaming video has potential for larger net profits when compared to their mail based disc delivery. Features that help transition households to its streaming centric service will be very variable.

Multiple personalized libraries within the Watch Instantly is a feature Netflix should strongly consider. It reduces transition anxiety. Customers don’t want to change the way they keep track of their favorite videos. They want something familiar to increase their confidence in an Internet based delivery system.

Customers benefit as they can now view their favorite cult classics. Children shows can be placed in their own collection. The Instant Queue goes back to its indented functionality. Most importantly, as the customer now has a vested interest in these libraries, they’re less likely to part ways with Netflix. It’s a win-win situation.

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