Internet Explorer 7: A Must for Home Surfers, but Businesses Beware!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 21:15
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As many of you know, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 was released late October. Many people are now seeing their Microsoft Windows Update prompt the installation of the new revision of this web browser. Microsoft has put many new features into the updated browser which make it a worth-while upgrade. However, while every personal computer should install Internet Explorer 7, beware your business PCs.

Home PC Users

Home users really need Internet Explorer 7. The Internet is a jungle full of beauty and vicious animals. It’s amazing how many people surf the internet without knowing the perils involved. Let’s start with one key point. There are bad people on the internet. They want to steal personal information from you and in some cases, take over your computer for their own personal and nefarious uses. To combat this, the Microsoft worker bees have created new enhancements to prevent the infiltration of your system. They’ve also increased security to prevent phishing attacks.

Another new feature, which other browsers have already discovered, is tabbed browsing. Tabs within your browser allows for a less cluttered Taskbar (the bar next to the start button). This saves you the time of having to hunt through multiple Internet Explorer windows scattered about your Taskbar.

Internet Explorer can now handle RSS feeds. Instead of hunting about the web on each page for your headlines, you can now have Internet Explorer show you all the headlines, and you pick the ones you want to read more about. This is a huge time saver.

Business Users

Now you’re wondering, if this is a huge benefit to home users, why not roll it out to my business computers and laptops? Well, Internet Explorer 7 is new. Any websites you access on the internet, and are critical to your business operations, may not be fully compatible yet. So, for the average user, it’s not a big deal to have some issues trying to view the TV Guide or a the U2 fan page. However, if you need to access sensitive web information, like interest rates, or other critical information, you can’t afford to have any incompatibilities. You can’t afford the downtime.

Do yourself a favor if you’re in the business arena. Ask these business critical websites if they’re Internet Explorer 7 compatible. If all of them are, then by all means, upgrade. If not, you’ll be okay for the time being.

A Plug for Firefox

Now, I would be doing everyone a huge injustice if I did not plug my favorite web browser. Many people think that the ‘e’ on their is the Internet. It is their gateway to the World Wide Web. This is very untrue. That ‘e’ loads Internet Explorer, a web browser. The best part, is that there are other web browsers.

Firefox is a wonderful web browser. It has less inherent security flaws than Internet Explorer, and it has a wider set of features. Give it a try, and you won’t want to go back.

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