Robotics: Man’s Instinct to Procreate

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 12:00
Posted in category CS404 Archive

During the past 100 years, society has made great strides in the area of robotics. This interest and fascination of artificial life further proves that Man’s instinct to procreate extends outside of the human form. In reality, Man has very little control in human procreation. Man has been given the instinct to populate the planet, but not the ability artificially replace the biological miracle that takes place in a mother’s womb. Science has not been able to create these building blocks of life from scratch. However, science has been able to create the electronic building blocks of artificial life. With each new robot and computer program, scientists learn how to better mimic human behavior on a social and biological scale. Eventually, science will succeed in creating an artificial life form that will look and act as we do. While it’s unlikely that this will lead to society’s extinction, it will be another crowning achievement as Man tries to remove Divinity from yet another aspect of our mortal world.

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