Out with the Old, In with the New

Tuesday, March 28, 2006 12:00
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The Internet has changed the way in which society interacts. It is unable to revert back to its former state of mind. Due to this change, its mind set in regards to the way copyrighted media (music, movies, documents, software, etc) is distributed, bought, sold and licensed needs to change as well. There are many different reasons why copyright infringement violations occur. First, the media may only be needed for a short time or for evaluation. Another reason would be to avoid the cost the high cost associated with different types of media. Lastly, the media may suit a purpose, or solve a problem, but is overpriced (or overvalued) in the public’s eye. In order to face these challenges, new business models have been created and introduced to the public. The first of these major changed was the introduction of Microsoft’s activation and genuine advantage program which reduced the piracy of its software. The second significant step was taken by Apple when iTunes was released. People were, and still are, able to purchase and download only the songs they were interested in. Combining these two concepts may provide a more ideal solution. Using a massive subscription based solution could be the answer. Each subscription is allotted a certain amount of points per month depending on the subscription level. Using media would be similar to checking out a book from the library. Each month that the media was in the customer’s possession, points would be deducted from the monthly allotment and the subscription service would credit the owner of the media’s copyright. Points would be based on customer satisfaction as well as the duration of time the media had been made available and its last major update. Once enough points were used toward that media, it would then no longer require points until a new update was release. Overall, this will drop the price of media to a point where it would not be worth the attempt to break the copyright. The technology may not be in place just yet, but the concept isn’t out of reach.

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