Taxing the Internet

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 12:00
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How many ways can the government tax the Internet? We pay taxes when we pay our Internet Service Provider bill. We pay taxes when we pay our phone bill. With all these taxes we already pay, I feel that we’ve already been taxed sufficiently for our Internet access. Adding more taxation to the Internet will stifle its growth. The Internet allows us to accomplish so much more in such little time. One of the major benefits has been the ability to shop for (as well as sell) goods online. It’s easy. It can be done from home and best of all, in most cases taxes don’t need to be paid. It’s taken a while to increase consumer confidence in using the Internet for financial purposes. Taxing those transactions will cause less people to shop online. Not only will e-Retailers be affected, online auctions will be affected as well. People selling items on eBay would need to calculate and charge tax on items sold. Then there would be the added frustration in reporting that information each tax season. In both cases, everyone loses. We need to find more ways to stimulate usage of the internet, not stifle it. The Internet has functioned very well and there’s no need to fix what isn’t broke.

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